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Marching with the Penguins Reading List

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Marching With the Penguins Recommended Book List


J 598.441 LEP - Penguins - Emilie Lepthien

Describes the habits, behavior and life cycle of a number of the seventeen species of penguins, which in nature are found only south of the equator.


J 598.441 FLE – Penguin - ed. DK

Photographs and text follow the growth and development of a young penguin through its first year.


J 598.441 MAC - Penguins at Home: Gentoos of Antarctica - Bruce McMillan

Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, and life cycle of the timid gentoo penguin.


J 598.441 ROY - The Penguin - Angela Royston

Traces the life cycle of the emperor penguin, one of two species that breed on the Antarctic mainland.


J 598.47 LYN - Penguins! - Wayne Lynch

Penguins! explores the daily lives of this feisty seabird survivor.


E ALB - Cuddly Duddly - Jez Alborough

Tired of being surrounded by a family who cuddles him and wishing only to live alone, Dudley Penguin waddles away from home and encounters something even worse than an affectionate family.


E APP – Flip and Flop – Dawn Apperly

A two-year-old penguin named Flop is sad when his five-year-old brother, Flip, would rather play with a friend his own age.


J FIC ATW – Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Richard Atwater

The unexpected delivery of a large crate containing an Antarctic penguin changes the life and fortunes of Mr. Popper, a house painter obsessed by dreams of the Polar regions.


E LES – Tacky the Penguin – Helen Lester

Tacky's perfect friends find him annoying until his odd behavior saves the day.


J FIC NIX – Gus and Gerty and the Lucky Charms – Joan Lowery Nixon

Penguins Gus and Gertie take part in the Animals' Winter Olympics.


J SERIES STA – Penguin Puzzle – Judith Stamper

Miss Frizzle's class travel to Antarctica to learn about penguins.

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